our story

Richelle Torrington - Founder

A bit about me, I am a psychologist. As far back as I can remember, I have had an interest in psychology, believing that by gaining an understanding of it, I would help people to live their best lives and to thrive.

Over the years of my working with people, trying to help them live better lives, I developed a passion for working with women. I also came to realise just how incredibly powerful women’s support is for one another.

My passion in helping support women to flourish grew into an obsession, and expanded from psychology to include nourishment in all its forms. I also started looking broader, not only at the mind, but to the body, mind and spirit.

From this exploratory  journey, Her Healthery, and my passion, was born. I hope it adds as much value to your life as it has mine, and spurs you on to live your best life.