Ancient Shake Powder 350g Bottle

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The Ultimate SuperFood

This is the ultimate superfood and the perfect addition to your daily regime!  Packed with all of the goodness of our Collagen Powder, Bone Broth Powder and Green Alkalising Powder in the perfect ratios.  Give your body all the nutrients it needs to repair and restore as well as to stay alkalised.

Mix 4 tablespoons per serving into water or add to your favourite smoothie.  This product does have a strong flavour and you might prefer to add a sweetner of your choice to it to make it more palatable.  Don’t heat this powder as the benefit of the green powder will be lost.



Beef Bone Broth


Hemp Powder


Wild Harvested Moringa Leaf


Barleygrass Certified Organic by ZA-BIO-140.

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Keep the product in a glass bottle with the lid tightly closed.



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